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August 2016: Understanding Parents

A child’s drive for education stems from their family environment and the encouragement that they receive from their parents. We headed out into the community with surveys in hand to better understand the parent’s role in their child’s education and the role that the Andaman Center plays in helping to accomplish the goals for their children in the future.

We found that parents noticed their children were beginning to talk more about their experience at the Center and in turn, their aspirations for their future. This is great because they are seeing a connection between education and creating possibilities for higher level jobs, breaking free of the typical manual labor roles. We also asked some open ended questions about the family’s lives. The answers made it pretty clear that the parents are looking to the Andaman Center to provide an education for their children so that they can have a brighter, happier future.

Check out these inspiring moms that we spoke with:

Thet Mon Win

Both she and her husband buy and sell fish for a living at the local pier in Kuraburi. They have been in Thailand for 11 years and will stay as long as the country remains stable. For fun, the family sometimes hangs out together. Her son received the second highest g

rades at the Andaman Center last Semester and this Semester, she hopes he will place 1st! By getting a better education, they hope that their child will have a good future. For their child’s future, they would like for him to be an IT expert.

Mad Taz

Her husband is a fisherman and she stays at home to take care of the house and children. They have been in Thailand for 10 years. For fun, their family reads books together. They want for their child to achieve a higher level of education than they did and therefore not have to do manual labor. In the future, they would like for their child to be a doctor. They have a new baby in the family and are anxious for him to grow up and get an education at the Andaman Center as well.

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