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July 2016: Parent Involvement

The first parent meeting at the Andaman Center for the new School year had the largest attendance record to date! Fifty excited, enthusiastic and curious parents attended for an open forum with the Foundation for Education and Development (FED) and the teachers. It is crucial for the parents’ needs, questions and concerns to be addressed so that they themselves can become advocates for their child’s education. This in turn allows the word to be spread within the local Burmese Community about the opportunity available.

Using, the concerns and questions that we gathered throughout the student survey process before the school year, the male teacher and FED staff were able to address the specific topics that were on the parents’ minds. This allows for the parents to have a positive role in their child’s education and keeps them involved in the system. We explained that by sending their children to the Andaman Center, the students have the chance to continue their education in Thailand past the 6th grade through scholarship programs and the assistance with proper paperwork and registration, students also are given papers and letters of recommendations to integrate back into the Burmese schools in their own country, if their families choose to return home. These are all important factors for parents to consider when thinking about their child’s future and well being.

We were impressed and happy to see the male teacher conduct and facilitate this meeting, showing impressive skills at advocating for the Andaman Center and encouraging open dialogue among the parents.

The most exciting portion of the meeting was the formation of a parent association, formed to be a platform for parents who would like to be more involved at the center and within the community. A total of ten excited parents signed up and we are confident that this new parent association will be a great middle ground for continued parent support and outreach.

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