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August 2019: Parent Meeting

An integral part of our success at the Andaman Center success is parent meetings that are held twice a Semester. The main purpose is to give parents updated information about school details, curriculum, teacher status, opportunities for their children to continue their education, migrant education and human rights and also health education. It is also a space for parents to ask questions or raise any concerns that they have. The recent meeting held on July 12th had an attendance of 52 parents and was ran by our partner the Foundation for Education and Development (FED). The main concern from parents at the meeting was lack of teachers and wanting to have a male teacher. We are happy that this concern has been addressed as a new male teacher started on August 19th.

FED highlighted the options for students to study in Thai schools or at the Andaman Center. Parents’ main reason for keeping their students at the Center is that they are taught Burmese Curriculum that includes language and writing. Parents also feel safer sending their children to the Andaman Center rather than a Thai Government School. They also recognize the community and partner benefits the Center offers. For example, FED offers health check-ups for students and helps with migrant rights and continued education programs. Parents feel like the BLC offers a positive community base and allows for shared culture amongst the families. Parents also like that FED has programs in place to allow their students to continue their education.

When students from the Andaman Center finish glade 6 they can continue to study until grade 12 by Non-formal education or they can study until grade 9 and go to study in Industrial and Community Education College. Around 30 Myanmar kids in Phang Nga Province study with Non-formal education program and around 12 kids study in Industrial and Community Education College. We are always happy to receive feedback from parents and to offer a great opportunity to share information about current migrant issues and support that is available.

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