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June 2019: Student Profiles

Student: Kas Ne Way, 9 yrs old, Grade 1 Parents: Chu Chu Way (mother) and Nai Len (Father)

Kas Ne Way has been at the Andaman Center for 3 years. Last Semester he was the highest ranked student in his class for good grades. He also won a prize for his artistic ability. When he grows up he wants to be an artist and maybe architecture. He says that his dad inspires him because he works so hard and he wants to grow up to be like his dad.

Chu Chu Way and Nai Len brought their two children to Thailand 4 years ago. They said that the condition of living is better in Thailand and you can get jobs easier. However, they said that at the end of each year they are unable to save money as the company that employs them charges rent and does not support visa’s, passports and working documents. These need to be updated every year and cost a lot of money. Chu Chu Way said she wants her son to get an education because she was never given the opportunity and now she has to work in strenuous, tiring conditions. She wants her son to gain knowledge about his rights and be given the opportunity to have a good job in his future.

Student: Jay Zway, 6 years old, Grade 1

Parents: Wa Cho (mother) and Jaw Luiey Tway (father)

Jay Zway is a new student and has not had the opportunity to go to school before, she is very excited to learn new things and meet new friends. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher in Thailand. She wants to teach in Thailand to help other Burmese kids, like her, have an opportunity to learn.

The family has lived in Thailand for 12 years. They came to Thailand because it is easier to find a job than in Myanmar. They work together at a remote palm oil plantation. The father works 7 days a week and receives 350THB a day (about 10 USD). The mother works part of the week and only receives 250THB a day (about 7 USD). They do not have to pay rent, but have to  pay for electricity and water. They have been living and working on the palm oil plantation for 9 months, before they worked building bungalows in Phuket.

They want their daughter to go get an education up until University. They said that the Andaman Center allows their daughter to receive an education that will transfer to Myanmar, in case they move back home. They want their daughter to have a thorough and continued education through University, whether that is in Thailand or in Myanmar. They said that they want their daughter to have every opportunity to have a better life, get a better job and become a smart, educated woman. They said it makes them sad to think that she would grow up without an education because then she would end up living the same difficult life they are.

Student: Samme, 15 years old

She is excited for the Andaman Center to open for a new Semester because she wants to spend time in the classroom learning rather than working. When the center is closed, she taps rubber trees on the plantation her family works on. She would get up at 12AM every day and tap rubber trees until 4 AM.  She loves going to school because she wants to gain knowledge and information and enjoys all subjects. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher, but also a singer. Singing is a way for her to brighten the long, tiring nights of working in the rubber plantations.

Student: Sasa Aey, 12 years old

She is excited for the Andaman Center to open again because when she is at school she is full of happiness. When the center is closed, she taps rubber trees. When she grows up she wants to be a nurse to help people. She also enjoys singing with her cousin, Samme.

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