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November 2019: Health Check and Parent Meetings

Forty enthusiastic parents attended the parent-teacher meeting at the Andaman Center to discuss school updates and to address questions and concerns of the parents. Our partner, the Foundation for Education and Development, went over teacher hours based on monthly curriculum content. Daily schedules have changed since art, music and civic courses have been introduced as ordered by the Myanmar Ministry of Education. Teachers and parents were also encouraged to keep up to date medical records for the students to ensure sustainable record keeping for longer term health care. The teachers went over the testing period process and how report cards are issued.

There were some concerns from parents whose children could not yet read or write. Teachers explained that each student learns at their own pace and enters the school at different levels so it takes time for parents to see improvements. Teachers handle student records and testing to monitor progress and to ensure positive educational steps are being taken for every student. Parents requested that volunteers that come through Andaman Discoveries teach a handicraft. At the end of the meeting FED gave updated information about Migrant Rights and documentation.

Ministry of Informal Education:

The Thai Ministry of Information Education has asked to collaborate with FED to allow students at the Andaman Center to receive free Thai language classes once a week. The classes will focus on Thai language that is spoken, written and read. When students graduate from the class they are given a diploma that allows them to continue their education within the Thai Education System or within the continued education program through the Foundation of Education and Development. Ten students from the Center have signed up for the class. They said since they live in Thailand, it is essential for the to learn the Thai language so that they can get a good job.

Health Check and Vaccinations:

The Foundation for Education and Development sent their health team in collaboration with volunteer from the local Thai Government office to do health screens for the students and to administer vaccinations. FED has developed an online system that keeps students records to ensure long term health care in collaboration with the local Thai government hospitals.

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