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October 2019: Teacher Appreciation

Today the Andaman Center smelled of beautiful flowers that the students picked themselves to give to the teachers. Teacher’s day happens each year and allows students the opportunity to show their appreciation for their teachers. The teachers all gave short inspirational speeches to encourage the students to continue their education. Small celebrations like this are sponsored by donations that come through the North Andaman Network Foundation. On Saturday the teachers will be traveling to Phuket for sightseeing, a special surprise that our partner, the Foundation for Education and Development, gave them as an appreciation for their hard work.

After the celebration the Foundation for Education and Development had a short meeting with the teachers to give updated information. The teachers were given an updated work plan, holiday schedule and exam schedule. They were also reminded of child protection policies and FED’s zero tolerance if it is broken. Another fun addition will be made to the curriculum. Sports, art and civics will be introduced in the upcoming semester. The center will be purchasing new sports equipment and musical instruments for the students to use during lessons. The four teachers are cohesive and a strong team for the Andaman Center, we are very grateful for their work with the students and also for their continued work with community outreach.

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