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Education:the umbrella that keeps you dry during a storm

Through the difficult times and hardships that everyone faced this past year, the Andaman Center for Migrant Educuation continued to provide education and support to over 80 children. Uncertaintly and turmoil were heavy on the hearts and minds of the Burmese Migrant community this past year as they faced increased financial challenges due to Covid-19 and unsettling circumstances that arose in their home country. These factors have played into families deciding to stay in Thailand to ensure their safety and to provide a better future for their children. Education has become a top prioroty for parents, who want their children to grow up to have a more secure livelihood.

To celebrate this years success and perseverance, the center held a small end of Semester celebration with students and parents to commemorate the educational year. The parents and local Burmese Non Profit Organization donated money to provide food, drinks an decorations. Students performed taditional Burmese Dances while parents watched proudly from the audience.

The center is now closed for Summer break with plans to perform student outreach and registration May 20th-22nd. ACME will re-open June 1st and continue to have Covid-19 safeguarding policies and procedures in place to ensure students health and safety. We are predicting that student numbers will stay at 80 or even increase as research within the Burmese community has shown that families are planning on staying in their current locattions due to finanical instability and the turmoil in Myanmar.

This means we must come together and ensure the financial longevity of the center. We are in need of donations more than ever and would appreciate any small contribution

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