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Parents make it possible

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Parent teacher meetings are held twice a Semester at the Andaman Center for Migrant Education (ACME). The Foundation for Education and Development and ACME teachers run the meeting as a positive outlet for parents to stay connected to their children’s education. Current education standards, migrant rights and health initiatives are discussed at the meetings to make sure parents are educated about important issues within their migrant community.

Updated information about ACME is given and parents are able to ask questions or raise concerns about their children’s education. Below is what we discussed:

1. Welcome the parents and explain the importance of the parent teacher meeting

2. Explain about the Covid-19 prevention measures being taken at ACME and Covid-19 affects such as cancellation of student exchange, teacher training, internships and volunteering

3. Let parents know about the new curriculum for grades 4-7

4. Tell about how ACME is upgrading its quality of education, computer classes and online studying

5. Encourage parents to spend time with their children studying at home

6. Tell parents about FED Facebook page and like it so they can get updated information from social media

7. It has been decided that 1st graders will return to school in December. They have currently been at home to keep student numbers down for Covid-19 social distancing practices

8. Hand out face masks

Concerns and Comments from Parents:

1. Parents would like the students to be disciplined more strictly during the school day. FED explained that they use ethical and correct forms of discipline for students.

2. One mom replied to this comment and said that parents should be teaching their children how to act and behave respectfully at home so that when at school they behave. She said that everyone should work together to create a positive learning environment and that it starts at the children’s home with dedicated parents

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