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$350 pays a teacher's salary. 

$40 a month educates one child. 

Any amount helps.


​Volunteer at the school and help teach the kids English, facilitated by our main supporter, Andaman Discoveries.


Start a crowdfunding funding campaign or help spread the word about our cause.


How your donation helps


The Burmese migrant education program provides affordable education to an impoverished community by paying for teachers' salaries and the administrative cost of maintaining the school. They also have important lessons on health and hygiene.  

Uplift A Community

The school supports migrant families by relieving the financial burden (and language barrier) of education. Without an education, these children would be forced into child labour to help provide income. The school aims to elevate an entire generation to new levels of opportunity, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Join a Small Group of Committed Supporters

The Andaman Center for Migrant Education is supported by a number of caring individuals and foundations, all of whom donate their time to cover the costs of administration and fundraising (and this website). As a result, 100% of donations go directly to the school. Donations are tax-deductible in the USA.




By engaging the kids in interactive English lessons, you help to build their confidence and develop skills for future jobs. The Center appreciates the helping hands of volunteers to keep the children engaged and active.


Your contribution is essential as these children are trying their very best under challenging circumstances and benefit greatly from being given the opportunity of education and equality.

Please email us for more details about how to visit the school and volunteer - we request a minimum of 2 weeks.


Become an Ambassador of Support

The Center's work cannot continue without a sustainable flow of funding. We need help from supporters like you to ensure that we can continue to provide for the Burmese migrant community. 


Become an ambassador of support for the Andaman Center to help us with peer-to-peer fundraising or learn ways to provide passive support.

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