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Introducing the andaman center for migrant education

Formely: The Burmese Learning Center

It is official; we have completely rebranded the Burmese Learning Center to allow for more targeted, interactive fundraising. The biggest change is the name. After doing market research on targeted audiences to decide on the best new name possible, we decided on: The Andaman Center for Migrant Education (ACME). Another awesome change is this dedicated website for ACME and also a dedicated facebook page. Both will offer inside access to the current events that are happening at ACME.

We wanted to allow for a more streamlined experience for donors to actively participate in fundraising efforts and our website highlights positive ways that you can join the cause like: amazon smile or starting a fundraiser like Go Fund Me. Also, we would like to clarify that donations are made through Global Purpose Group, which is a registered non-profit so all donations are tax deductable in the USA. It is also good to know, that all the same partners are still in place for the successful running of ACME. Below is a great chart that summarizes all partners involved:

We are extremely excited about this complete uplift for our most important charitable giving cause, The Andaman Center For Migrant Education. We hope that you will continue to follow its progress and join in this wonderful cause.

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